The aiming of the Sure Shot Sight is right on target. What I also like is the way you can see your stroke movement. I use it before my matches to make sure that i'm doing everything right. This gives me confidence throughout my match.

Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight

The Sure Shot Sight's aiming is precisely the way you aim a pool cue. This training tool is even better for those players who get down on their shots. This is also a great sight for the wheelchair players.

The Drill Sargent

I enjoy using the Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight. Being a wheelchair player this sight puts me on a more level playing field. Some of my friends are wheelchair player also and they really enjoyed using the Sure Shot too.

Wheelchair Players

This is a great training tool to have. I am a player and an instructor and with the Sure Shot you can see things about your shooting that you have never been able to see before. I can see exactly how I am aligning my aim to make a shot and make sure that I am shooting it correctly. I can see the way the cue moves during my stroke that can't be seen without this sight such as twisting the cue or slight movements to the side or upwards which effect the pocketing of the ball.

The aiming with the Sure Shot is spot on.You put this sight on your cue and your making shots that you have never made before.

Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight

PURE GENIUS!!!!! Of all the pool aids I have tried, this is the only one that works simple and easy.Thank you

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